Cute Penguin Card

If like me you know someone who is nutty about penguins then this cute penguin card is for them! Otherwise it is also a fun childrens Christmas card.

Cute Penguin Card

Items you will need:

  1. Small square (125mm x 125mm) white card blank
  2. Some plain white card and plain white paper
  3. Silver glitter card
  4. Snow background paper free download
  5. Printer & white printable paper for printing the snow paper and the sentiment
  6. Cute Penguin Die-Cut
  7. Silver Ribbon
  8. Sticky foam tape/pads and 6mm double sided sticky tape
  9. Craft knife, pencil, eraser, ruler & cutting mat
  10. Decoupage/precision scissors
  11. Paper Trimmer (optional)

How to make:

Download and print out the snow background printer. You will need Adobe Reader to open the template file, if you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it free from this link to the official Adobe website: Adobe Reader Download.

Allow the print ink to dry thoroughly and then cut the paper to the exact size of your card blank using a craft knife, cutting mat & ruler or a paper trimmer. Use double sided tape on all four edges of the snow background paper and then carefully stick it to cover the front of the card blank.

From the plain white card measure and cut out a strip of card 3.5cm wide x 12cm tall. On the right hand side of this strip of card use scissors to cut a wavy edge design.

On the same strip of card using a ruler and pencil make a mark at the following intervals (each one measured from the last) 5mm from the top, 2cm, 1.5cm, 4cm, 1.5cm and 2cm, the last mark should be roughly 5mm from the bottom of the card strip. All of the marks should be in a straight line about 1-1.5cm from the left hand edge. Using a craft knife make small holes at each mark twisting the knife to open the holes up slightly.

Cut a 17cm length of the silver ribbon. Thread the ribbon in and out of the holes on the card strip starting from the back of the top hole. You should end up with the ends of the ribbon poking through the back of the top and bottom holes. Pull the ribbon through so the ends are roughly even in length, trim the ends and secure each one down with a strip of sticky foam tape making sure the tape does not stick out over the edges of the card strip. Apply another strip of foam tape to the centre of the card strip and then use the three foam tape sections to stick the card strip to the card blank so the straight edge is lined up with the very left hand edge of the card.

To finish the decorative ribbon strip, cut a 7cm length of the silver ribbon and tie this around the centre of the threaded ribbon, once you have tied it, trim the ends to around 2cm in length.

Next take some plain white paper, measure and draw a 5.5cm x 6.5cm rectangle that you then cut out either with a paper trimmer or craft knife, cutting mat and ruler. Erase any remaining pencil marks after cutting the rectangle out.

Using double sided sticky tape around all four edges of the white paper rectangle, stick it to the card blank positioned roughly as shown in the picture. Then use sticky foam pads to stick the cute penguin die-cut to the centre of the white paper rectangle.

From the silver glitter card measure and cut out a rectangle that measures 5.5cm x 1.25cm. To create the sentiment use your printer to print out the words ‘Merry Christmas’ in black writing on white paper. The font we have used here is called Bradley Hand ITC and the font size used is 16. Use a paper trimmer or craft knife, cutting mat and ruler to cut round the wording so that it measures 5cm wide x 0.75-1cm high making sure the wording is central in the finished rectangle. Using a strip of double sided sticky tape stick the wording to the centre of the silver glitter card rectangle and then stick the finished sentiment to the card blank about 1.5cm up from the bottom edge and so it is aligned with the white penguin topped rectangle above.

Card Idea by Janine