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Sept 07 Card Making Tips

Sept 07 Newsletter Card Making Tips

1. When cutting sticky tape use a separate pair of old scissors. That way you are not constantly cleaning your craft scissors to stop them sticking to your work.
From Gill, Kent.

2. Apply your peel off stickers to your project and then colour the centre holes with different colour metallic markers for a great stained glass window type effect.
From Sue, Cumbria.

3. Stick your peel off stickers on the same colour card blank, i.e. Gold peel off onto a gold card blank for an embossed effect.
From Chris, Middlesex.

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August 07 Card Making Tips

August 2007 Newsletter – Card Making Tips:

1. After you have taken a peel off sticker away from the backing sheet, allow it to relax for a minute on the end of whatever tool you are using before you apply it as this will allow it to go back into shape if it has stretched a little bit. Then when you do apply it do not press it down too hard until you are happy with it’s position as if you apply it lightly you can peel it off and reposition it.
From Glitter Monster Crafts.

2. Raise just one edge of a topper on a card for emphasis, e.g. Stick a much thicker sticky foam pad (or two pads on top of each other) at the top of the topper and a thinner pad at the bottom of the topper for a nice effect.
From Matthew, Kent.

3. Keep all your off cuts and scraps of paper or card that are left over from making cards, you can use them for punching shapes out of, even the smallest piece might be useful in one of your future card designs. Organise them by colour or paper type in labelled envelopes.
From Joanna, Cornwall.

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