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Green/White Cricket Card

This is a lovely card idea for a male relation / friend or a cricket fanatic and can be used for any occasion. If you want to make the card for a specific occasion simply add a peel off sticker or greetings banner horizontally or even vertically anywhere on the dark green handmade mulberry paper frame.

What you will need to make this card:

  1. White 7″x5″ card blank
  2. Die-Cut Decoupage Sheet – Cricket
  3. Dark green handmade mulberry paper
  4. Decorating chalks
  5. Sponge dauber
  6. Low tack stencil/masking tape
  7. Double sided sticky tape
  8. Sticky foam pads
  9. Craft knife, pencil, ruler & cutting mat

How to make this card:

Cut two 15cm long x 2.5cm wide strips and two 20cm long x 2.5cm wide strips from the dark green handmade mulberry paper. Next lay the strips on your craft mat in a rectangle with the corners overlapping and secure with low tac masking tape, using the lines on your craft mat to ensure the strips are all straight and are in a perfect rectangle. The rectangle should measure around 11.5cm wide x 16.5cm long. Take your craft knife and ruler and cut diagonally across each corner cutting through both layers of handmade mulberry paper. This should leave you with a frame with four perfect mitered corners. Click on the image below to see step by step pictures (we have used orange handmade mulberry paper here as it shows up better in the photos).

Stick the frame to the card blank using double sided sticky tape along all the underside edges of the handmade mulberry paper.

Next use the sponge dauber and some bright green chalk to make a green coloured border along the inside of the frame. Use a ruler to ensure a crisp straight edge on the card blank inside the frame. Allow the chalk to overlap the frame as this makes a nice lighter green highlight effect on the inside edge of the frame.

Finally press out all of the image ‘A’ sections from the cricket die-cut decoupage sheet and layer them in the correct order on the centre of the card blank (inside the frame) using sticky foam pads.

Card Idea by Jill

Funky Electric Guitar Card

This funky red and black design card is ideal for teenagers or for just about anyone who likes rock music!

Funky Electric Guitar Card

What you will need to make this card:

  1. A white 120mm x 120mm square card blank
  2. Black handmade mulberry paper
  3. Red mulberry tissue paper
  4. Red & black electric guitar die-cut shape
  5. Red stickles glitter glue
  6. Happy Birthday peel off sticker – diamond silver
  7. Craft glue
  8. Craft knife, pencil, ruler & cutting mat

How to make:

Measure and cut out a 110mm x 110mm square from the black handmade mulberry paper and then cut out a 90mm x 90mm square from the centre of the square leaving you with a black handmade mulberry paper frame.

Next measure and cut out a 100mm x 100mm square from the red mulberry tissue paper. Lay the red mulberry tissue paper square on the card blank and use glue to stick the black handmade mulberry paper frame over the top of it securing both centrally to the card blank.

Take the die-cut electric guitar shape and glue it at an angle in the centre of the frame leaving space at the bottom right hand corner for the peel off greeting.

Remove the ‘Happy Birthday’ wording from the diamond silver peel off backing sheet and stick the wording inside the bottom right hand side of the frame.

Squeeze a little of the red stickles glitter glue onto your finger tip and rub into the black handmade mulberry paper frame, repeat until there is a red glittery shimmer all the way around the black frame. This does not have to be completely even.

Finally squeeze a round blob of the red stickles glitter glue in each of the four corners of the frame. Leave card flat and to one side to dry completely.

Card Idea by Janine