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Peach Decoupage Card

This card is a lovely simple to make card and the shading done with chalks really looks great in conjunction with the floral decoupage image.

Below is a picture of the finished card, further down there is a picture taken at an angle to show off the flower decoupage layers.

Peach decoupage card

What you will need to make this card:

  1. 7″ x 5″ white card blank
  2. Peach Mulberry Tissue Paper
  3. Die-Cut Decoupage Sheet – Floral 122
  4. Vertical Happy Birthday Peel Off Sheet – Gold
  5. Flower Corners & Simple Borders Peel Off Sheet – Gold
  6. Decorating Chalks
  7. Glue Dots – Invisi Dots for Vellum
  8. Sticky foam pads
  9. Craft knife, pencil, ruler & cutting mat

Directions to make:

Cover the top left hand corner and the bottom right hand corner of the card blank with peach mulberry tissue paper leaving a diagonal strip that is uncovered in the middle that measures approximately 60mm wide. Use Invisi Dots for Vellum to stick the mulberry tissue paper as these do not show through the fine paper.

Use a simple wavy border from the Gold Flower Corners & Simple Borders Peel Off Sheet along the inner edges of the mulberry tissue paper, trimming to required length.

Use a peachy coloured decorating chalk and either using your finger, a sponge tip applicator or even a cotton bud smudge the chalk all along the uncovered strip of card blank. Make the chalk darker nearer the peel off border edges and lighter in the centre of the strip.

Push out all of the ‘A’ sections from the Floral 122 die-cut decoupage sheet and use sticky foam pads to layer them in the correct order onto the centre of the chalked strip on the card. The image will overlap the mulberry tissue sections in places.

Finally remove a ‘Happy’ and a ‘Birthday’ sticker from the gold vertical Happy Birthday peel off sheet and apply the stickers to the bottom right hand section of the card.

Peach decoupage card flat

Card Idea by Jill

Gerbera Decoupage Birthday

We have an additional card designer now – Jill. This is Jill’s first design for Glitter Monster Crafts and has been made using a design from a die-cut decoupage sheet from our decoupage range. Keep your eye out for more of Jill’s designs coming soon.

Gerbera Decoupage

To make Jill’s card you will need the following items:

  1. A white 7″ x 5″ card blank
  2. Die-Cut Decoupage Sheet – Floral 119
  3. Silver Happy Birthday wording peel off sticker
  4. Silver decorative wavy border peel off sticker
  5. Sticky foam pads
  6. Double sided sticky tape

How to make this card:

Fold the top right hand corner of the front of the card blank forward so the fold runs from the top left hand corner and ends 7.75cm down on the right hand side. This creates a triangle flap and an interesting shape to the front of the card blank. Stick the corner of the flap down to the front of the card blank using a small section of double sided sticky tape.

Stick a length of the silver decorative wavy border peel off sticker to the right hand edge of the card blank beginning just under the bottom corner of the triangle flap and running all of the way down to the bottom edge of the card blank. Then stick two more lengths of the same border to the edges of the triangle flap.

Press out all of the Gerbera flower image sections labelled ‘A’ from the floral 119 die-Cut decoupage sheet. Layer these in the correct order onto the card blank with sticky foam pads so that the picture overlaps the bottom corner of the triangle flap.

Finally take a silver Happy Birthday wording peel off sticker of your choice and stick this centrally on the card blank below the Gerbera flowers. Of course you can use a different wording sticker to make the card for another occasion if you like.

The picture below is taken to show a different perspective and the decoupage layers.

Gerbera Decoupage Flat

Card Idea by Jill