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Baby Boy Christening Card

This lovely baby boy Christening card can easily be made for a baby girl by keeping the cream card blank and pale yellow handmade mulberry paper but changing the ribbon, brad, Fun Flock and pearlised card colours used to pink/lilac.

You can also use this design for a new arrival baby card as well by simply changing the Christening wording to New Baby Boy or New Baby Girl peel off stickers.

Gatefold baby boy christening card

What you will need to make the card as pictured above:

  1. Woodware super scalloped square craft punch
  2. Woodware large teddy bear craft punch
  3. Woodware large pram craft punch
  4. Woodware large square craft punch
  5. A6 Gatefold pale cream card blank
  6. Handmade mulberry paper – pale yellow
  7. Pearlised baby blue card
  8. Satin 5mm ribbon – light blue
  9. Woodware mini round brads – pastel
  10. Stampendous fun flock – snow cone blue
  11. Engagement/Christening peel off sheet – gold
  12. Alphabet upper case peel off sheet – gold
  13. Plain Cream Paper Inserts for A6 Cards
  14. Craft Glue
  15. Sticky Foam Pads
  16. Double Sided Sticky Tape

Directions to make:

Using the various craft punches punch out the following shapes: 2 x super scalloped squares from the pale yellow handmade mulberry paper, 3 large squares from the pearlised blue card, 1 x large teddy bear from the pearlised blue card and 1 x large pram from the pearlised blue card.

Using sticky foam pads stick a scalloped square on either side of the top of the gatefold card blank.

Apply glue to the whole of the surface area on both the pram and teddy bear punched shapes, then sprinkle the snow cone blue fun flock generously over the adhesive and tap off any excess. Set aside to allow the adhesive to dry, then brush away excess flock. Do this over a piece of paper and then replace the excess flock back into the jar to save on wastage. Once the shapes are dry use sticky foam pads to stick the teddy bear to the left hand scalloped square and the pram to the right hand scalloped square.

Cut two 14cm lengths of the light blue ribbon. At the centre of the card blank make two holes on either side of the centre opening the first approximately 6mm in on both sides and the second about 10mm further in from the first hole. Fold the end of one piece of the ribbon over to avoid fraying and attach it to the card blank with a pastel yellow and pastel green brad pushed through the two holes on the left hand flap, attach the other piece of ribbon to the right hand flap in the same way. See close up pictures below showing the front and bach of the brads fastening one of the pieces of ribbon. Once attached the two pieces of ribbon are tied into a bow

.brads fastening ribbon front brads fastening ribbon back

Remove A, B and C letters from the gold alphabet peel off sheet and stick one letter to each of the three pearlised blue punched squares. Next use sticky foam pads to stick these squares to the bottom left hand side of the card blank as shown in the finished card picture above to look like stacked ABC building blocks.

Remove the ‘On Your Baby’s Christening’ wording from the gold Engagement/Christening peel off sheet and stick them to the bottom right hand side of the card blank as shown in the picture.

Finally fold and stick a cream paper insert into the inside of the card blank using double sided sticky tape. As well as sticking the insert to the back of the inside of the card blank, ensure the insert is stuck down on the insides of the flaps to hide the folded down brad prongs.

Card Idea by Janine

New Baby Cards

These lovely new baby cards are simple to make but look really effective.

To make these cards you will need the following tools and materials:

  1. Woodware Super Craft Punch – Scalloped Square
  2. Woodware Large Craft Punch – Pram
  3. Woodware Large Craft Punch – Teddy Bear
  4. Pearlised pink or pearlised blue card (some folded into DL size card blank and some extra for punching scalloped squares)
  5. Pink or blue ribbon or braid
  6. Handmade mulberry paper light pink and/or handmade mulberry paper light blue
  7. Padded Material hearts
  8. Sticky foam pads/sticky foam tape and craft glue
  9. Scissors


1. Use scissors to cut a length of braid 2-3 cm longer than the height of the card blank. Use craft glue to carefully stick the ribbon or braid to the card down the left hand side wrapping the ends over the inside of the card top and bottom. You may wish to weight the card down until the glue has dried to keep the ribbon/braid straight.

Stage 1

2. Punch out three scalloped squares for each card you are making from the A4 pearlised/plain card using the blue super scalloped square punch.

Stage 2

3. Apply sticky foam pads or sticky foam tape cut to size to the back of all three squares and stick them down the middle of the card in a straight line with equal gaps between them.

Stage 3

4. Punch out a pram and a teddy bear shape for each card you are making from the handmade mulberry paper using the green large craft punches.

Stage 4

5. Use craft glue to stick the mulberry teddy bear shape, the mulberry pram shape and a padded material heart each to the centre of one of the scalloped squares. You can use a large lever craft punch – heart and use that to punch out a shape from the handmade mulberry paper to replace the padded material heart if you wish.

6. As an optional extra at this stage, you can add a paper insert using either double sided tape or glue to stick it in place, this will help to disguise the overlapping of the braid.

Completed cards in pink and blue colour schemes:

Completed Card Alternative Completed Card

We have shown above step by step how to make the pink baby girl card, to make the blue baby boy card simply repeat the steps using the blue colours.

You can also add additional embellishments if you wish such as a row of small pastel pink or pastel blue brads (mini round brads – pastel) down the right hand side or along the bottom would look good or alternatively a pale pink ribbon bow or light blue ribbon bow added at an angle to the bottom right hand corner would also look lovely.

Card idea by Janine