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Mother’s Day Flower Basket

This is a really pretty Mother’s Day Card. Change the peel off sticker wording to use this card for another occasion.

What you need to make this card:

1. 180 gsm Or Lighter Card
2. Card Maker Board
3. Die-Cut Decoupage Sheet – Teapot/Heart Roses/Flower Basket #875
4. Hearts & Flowers Borders Peel Off Sheet – Diamond Gold
5. Happy Mother’s Day Peel Off Sheet – Gold
6. Crafty Edger Decorative Border Punch
7. Gold Mirror Card
8. 15mm Organza Ribbon Baby Pink
9. Sticky Foam Pads
10. Double Sided Sticky Tape
11. Craft Glue
12. Craft knife, cutting mat, ruler, scissors

How to make this card:

Make an A6 card blank using the 180 gsm card and the card maker board.

Punch a decorative border down the right hand side of the front flap of the card blank using the crafty edger decorative border punch.

Cut a section of the gold mirror card large enough to go at the back of the front flap of the card blank and over the back of the decorative border. Use double sided sticky tape to attach the mirror card behind the front flap so the gold shows through the punched border. This will also strengthen the card blank.

Use a border sticker from the Diamond Gold Hearts & Flowers Borders Peel Off Sheet and apply it to the left hand side of the card blank.

Take the basket of flowers decoupage image from the die-cut decoupage sheet and using sticky foam pads build the image up at the bottom of the card blank.

Using the 15mm baby pink organza ribbon, tie a ribbon bow and use craft glue to attach the ribbon bow to the decoupage flower basket.

Take a Happy Mother’s Day wording peel off sticker and carefully snip the words apart so they are separate. Apply the words across the top of the card blank.

Card Idea by Jill

Floral Reflections Card

A lovely floral card suitable for almost any occasion. Simply add a peel off sticker to make this card into a birthday card or Mother’s day card or any other occasion!

What you will need to make this card:

  1. 5″ x 5″ (125 x 125) Square white card blank
  2. Pearlised red / dark pink paper
  3. Decorative border craft punch or crafty edger punch
  4. Reflections Die-Cut Decoupage – Floral #752
  5. Mixed Butterflies Peel Off Sheet – Diamond Silver
  6. Wording Peel Off Sheet (optional)
  7. Double sided sticky tape
  8. Sticky Foam Pads
  9. Ruler, Craft Knife, Craft Cutting Mat

How to make:

Punch a strip of decorative border using the red / dark pink pearl paper and the border craft punch. Cut the decorative border strip that you created to size to fit onto the right hand side of the card blank. Use double sided sticky tape to stick the border to the card blank.

Take the top floral image from the decoupage sheet and build it up using sticky foam pads on the left hand side of the card blank.

To make the 3D butterfly shape, you need 3 butterfly stickers from the diamond silver butterfly peel off sheet. Folding two of the stickers in half you stick one half of each of them back to back to the third butterfly. You then stick the two sticky halves that are folded back to the card blank at the top left of the decoupage image to look like the butterfly is flying towards the flowers. Then fold the butterfly wings up and the butterfly pops up in a 3D type style.

You can either leave your card as it is or you can finish your card off by choosing a wording peel off sticker that is suitable for your occasion and sticking it at the bottom of the card.

Card idea by Jill