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Hearts Valentine

Simple and quick to make but really effective to look at Valentine’s Day Card.

Click on the picture to view a larger image of the card.

What you need to make this card:

1. 5″ Square Ivory or white card blank
2. Red corrugated card
3. GoldĀ  & Red Mirror Card
4. Super Lever Craft Punch – Heart
5. Large Lever Craft Punch – Scalloped Heart
6. Mini Lever Craft Punch – Heart
7. Double sided sticky tape
8. Glue Stick
9. Craft Mat, Craft Knife & Ruler

Directions to make this card:

Cut a 10.5cm square from the red corrugated card. Use double sided sticky tape to mount this square on to the front of the card blank.

Use the super heart punch to punch a heart out of the gold mirror card and the large scalloped heart punch to punch a scalloped heart out of the red corrugated card. Using double sided tape mount the smaller scalloped heart on top of the larger heart and then mount these in the centre of the card.

Next punch out several hearts using the mini heart punch from the gold and red mirror card. Use the glue stick to stick one gold heart in the centre of the other hearts. Stick the other mini hearts randomly around the card.

Card idea by Janine.

Gatefold Heart Valentine

This luxury Valentine’s Day card is really effective with hearts overlapping the flaps making this an unusual and beautiful card for that special person! Click on the image below for a larger view of the card.

What you need to make this card:

1. Sheet of white, pink, cream or ivory A4 card
2. Red mirror card
3. Die-Cut Decoupage Sheet – Mother’s Day / Romantic #875
4. To My Valentine Peel Off Sheet- Gold
5. Classic Corners Peel Off Sheet – Gold
6. Double Sided Sticky Tape
7. Sticky Foam Pads
8. Craft knife, cutting mat & ruler
9. Card making board

How to make this card:

Take an A4 piece of card and using the card making board make it into an A4 gatefold card blank.

Cut two pieces of red mirror card to cover each of the front flaps of the card blank and stick them on using double sided sticky tape.

One decoupage image is used to make the 2 co-ordinating hearts. Take images B1 and B2 from the decoupage sheet. Using double sided sticky tape, stick image B1 to the upper half of the left hand card flap so the heart & roses image overlaps the edge of the card blank by around an inch. Do the same with image B2 but stick this heart & roses image to the bottom half of the right hand card flap so the image overlaps the edge of the card blank by around an inch.

Take the two smaller B3 images from the decoupage sheet and using sticky foam pads stick them to the top heart in the appropriate places. Take the larger B3 image and the B4 image and use sticky foam pads to stick them to the bottom heart.

Take one set of ‘To My Valentine’ wording and carefully snip with scissors to separate the ‘To My’ words from the ‘Valentine’ word. Apply the ‘To My’ wording onto the top heart and the ‘Valentine’ word onto the bottom heart in the blank spaces.

Finally place a gold corner peel off in each of the four corners of the card.

For the extra romantic feel, line the inside of the card with pink paper.

Card Idea by Jill