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Craft Punches & Fused Glass

Now this is an unusual way of using craft punches but what wonderful results. We were so impressed with these amazing hand-made fused glass pieces that we wanted to share them with our card making/craft ideas readers.

All of the pieces pictured here are the beautiful work of Karen Davies the owner of Hearts of Glass, Barnet, Hertfordshire. Website:

The process of fusing glass is very time consuming with one firing taking eight to ten hours.

For these particular pieces Copper foil shapes have been punched out using lever craft punches. The glass is cut and laid in two layers with the copper foil shapes between those two layers. The fusing process takes place when the glass is heated in the kiln. The glass softens and then becomes fluid. This is when fusing takes place.

Bowls and other three dimensional shapes such as the candle arches then require a second firing where the glass forms into or over a mould.

Christmas Tree Fused Glass Arched Candle Stand

Craft punches used in the Christmas tree arched candle stand:

  1. Big Lever Craft Punch – Fir Tree
  2. Large Lever Craft Punch – Snowflake #3

Snowflake Fused Glass Arched Candle Stand

Craft punches used in the snowflake arched candle stand:

  1. Large Lever Craft Punch – Snowflake #3
  2. Mini Lever Craft Punch – Snowflake

Handbags & Gladrags Fused Glass Coaster

Craft punches used in the handbags & gladrags coaster:

  1. Large Lever Craft Punch – Purse/Handbag
  2. Large Lever Craft Punch – Ladies Shoe

Karen specialises in hand-made stained glass mobiles, panels, mirrors and other gifts combining a wide variety of methods including fused glass, copper foiling and lead lights. Most stock items can also be individually made in your choice of colours and size. Karen also takes commissions for all sizes of work. Often these are for birthdays, weddings or other special occasions when you would like a personalised gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Karen even runs 1 and 2 day workshops if you want to learn how to do copper foiling, lead lights or fusing yourself.

Take a browse around the Hearts of Glass website to view more of Karen’s work: