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Lilac Get Well Soon Card

The soothing lilac tones on this card are perfect for a special get well message.

This card design would also be perfect to use for other occasions by simply changing the peel off sticker sentiment to suit the occasion.

What you will need to make this card:

  1. 1 sheet of A4 225gsm Plain Card Skylark Violet
  2. 1 x C5 envelope
  3. GROOVY Box & Card Maker
  4. Pearlised or plain lilac or purple card
  5. Petals tissue paper from A5 Paper Pack (15) – Hearts & Petals Tissue Paper
  6. Large Lever Craft Punch – Kikyou Flower
  7. Get Well Soon Peel Off Sheet -Silver
  8. Organza Ribbon – Lilac
  9. Pastel mini round brads
  10. Miracle Adhesive Film for Vellum or Glue Dots – Invisi Dots for Vellum
  11. 6mm double sided sticky tape
  12. Hi-Tack Original All Purpose Very Sticky Glue
  13. 5mm Sticky Foam Pads
  14. Craft knife, pencil, ruler, cutting mat & sellotape

How to make this card:

Turn the A4 sheet of skylark violet card into an A5 card blank, using the GROOVY box & card maker to make a groove half way across the card to make a neat crease line and then fold over. Alternatively make a very light score mark with your ruler and craft knife before folding over.

Turn the card blank you have just made round so it is landscape/tentfold style.

Take a sheet of the petals tissue paper, measure and cut out a rectangle that is the same width as the card blank but a bit shorter than the top half of the card blank. Use the Miracle adhesive film or Invisi dots for vellum to stick it to the top half of the card blank.

Cut a length of the lilac organza ribbon slightly longer than the width of the card blank and use double sided sticky tape along the whole length of the ribbon to stick it along the bottom edge of the petals tissue paper, keeping the ribbon as straight as possible. Trim off the excess ribbon on both sides.

Use some more of the same ribbon and make a bow. Use craft glue to stick the bow to the ribbon strip over to the right hand side as shown in the picture. Trim the ends of the bow, if necessary, to make neat even length ends.

Apply a Get Well Soon wording set from the silver peel off sticker sheet to the left hand side of the card just below the ribbon strip.

Use the large craft punch to punch out 6 kikyou flower shapes out of the pearlised lilac / plain lilac card.

Use your craft knife to pierce a small hole in the centre of each flower and push a pink pastel round brad through each hole. Bend the prongs of each brad back behind the flower petals.

Finally use sticky foam pads to attach the 6 kikyou flowers randomly over the bottom half of the card blank.

Card Idea by Janine