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Home Sweet Home Card

This is a bright and cheerful card that is perfect to welcome anyone to their new home.

Home Sweet Home Card

  1. A6 cream card blank
  2. Pale yellow handmade mulberry paper
  3. Home sweet home die-cut embellishment
  4. Primary mini flower brads
  5. New Home peel off sheet – Gold
  6. Double sided sticky tape
  7. Craft glue
  8. Craft knife, pencil, ruler & cutting mat

How to make this card:

Measure and cut out a 80mm wide x 90mm high rectangle from the pale yellow handmade mulberry paper.

Along the bottom edge of this mulberry rectangle measure and make a small hole 10mm up from the bottom edge and 10mm in from the left hand side and then from that hole make more small holes at roughly 12mm gaps all 10mm up from the bottom. You should end up with a row of 6 small holes with the first and last hole being about 10mm in from either side. Push a mini flower brad through each of the holes and bend the prongs back behind. We have used 6 different colour brads but you can use whichever colours you prefer.

Use craft glue to stick the home sweet home die-cut embellishment to the muberry rectangle above the row of brads.

Next use double sided sticky tape on all four edges of the mulberry rectangle to stick it to the centre of the card blank.

Finally from the gold new home peel off sheet apply the words ‘Welcome to your’ to the top left of the card, the words ‘New Home’ to the bottom right of the card and a small key to the bottom left and top right hand corners.

Card Idea by Janine

New Home Peel Off Card

This bright and cheerful new home card shows an easy way to enhance the use of peel off stickers in your card projects by adding colour to the centre of the peel off picture.

New Home Peel Off Card

What you will need to make this card:

  1. Small square (120mm x 120mm) pale cream card blank
  2. New home peel off sheet – gold
  3. Some separate plain cream card
  4. Coloured felt tip pens
  5. Mini glitter foam flowers
  6. Craft knife and/or decoupage scissors
  7. Ruler
  8. Hi-Tack original all purpose very sticky glue
  9. Sticky foam pads/tape

How to make:

Remove a house picture sticker from the peel off backing sheet, let the sticker relax for a minute on the end of your craft knife, this will allow it to regain shape if it has stretched and then stick it to the plain cream card (not the card blank).

Use felt tips pens to colour in the peel off centre sections in appropriate colours. Colours used here are green bushes & tree leaves, dark brown tree trunks, light brown house walls, yellow windows, grey house roof and red door. Tip – using two different shades of green on different sections of the tree greenery is more effective than just one shade.

Next take the craft knife or scissors and carefully cut round the outside edge of the coloured in peel off image. Then use sticky foam pads/tape to attach the picture to the centre of the card blank.

Take the wording peel off stickers ‘Welcome to your New Home’ and stick them to the card blank above and below the house picture as shown. Allow each sticker to relax for a moment before applying it as before. Use a ruler to evenly space the words and ensure that they are straight.

Finally take 5 yellow flowers from the mini glitter foam flowers pack and using the craft glue stick them randomly around the card blank.

Card idea by Janine