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Mini Easter Card

This fabulous little mini Easter card is easy to replicate if you have a lot of Easter cards to send out.

What you will need to make this card:

1. Square 3″ x 3″ White Card Blank
2. Gold metallic card or paper
3. Orange card
4. Easter Designs #2 Peel Off Sheet – Yellow
5. Craft Knife, Ruler & Craft cutting mat & Pencil
6. Precision decoupage scissors
7. Lever Corner Rounder Punch – Regular
8. Double Sided Sticky Tape
9. Sticky Foam Pads

How to make this card:

Use the craft cutting mat, craft knife and ruler to cut a square frame out of the gold metallic card or paper that is exactly the right size to fit on to the front of the card blank, the inner square of the gold frame should be 5.5cm square. Stick this gold frame to the front of the card blank using double sided sticky tape.

Next stick a yellow Easter image peel off sticker to the orange card (we used orange card from a mixed bright colours pack of card). Use the decoupage scissors to carefully cut round the outside of the peel off image. Use sticky foam pads to stick this easter image in the top middle of the gold frame.

Take a yellow Happy Easter wording peel off sticker and stick this in the bottom middle of the gold frame.

Lastly use the corner rounder punch to round all four corners of the card blank.

Tip: If you want the frame to have a raised 3D look too make sure you use gold card and not paper and use sticky foam pads to attach it to the card blank instead of double sided tape.

Card idea by Janine

Pink Springtime Card

This bright and cheerful card is perfect to brighten up any Spring occasion! We have used the word ‘Spring’ on our card here but you can replace the wording with anything to make this the ideal card for your occasion. It would be fantastic as a Mother’s Day card, a birthday card or a bright springtime Easter card!

What you will need to make this card:

  1. A6 card blank
  2. Mixed pink, lilac, purple & pink flowery papers
  3. 7mm organza pink ribbon
  4. Super Daisy Punch
  5. Super Flower Punch
  6. Large Daisy Punch
  7. Large Flower Punch
  8. Regular Daisy Punch
  9. Regular Flower Punch
  10. Mini round brads
  11. Alphabet peel off sheet
  12. Sticky Foam Pads and Double sided sticky tape
  13. Ruler, Craft Knife, Scissors, Craft Cutting Mat

How to make:

Take the A6 card blank and cover the top half with plain pink paper and the bottom half with flower patterned paper.

Next use double sided sticky tape to stick a strip of the 7mm organza pink ribbon along the join where the two papers meet, trim off any excess ribbon.

Punch out some flowers and daisies out of lilac, purple & bright pink paper. Tip: Use contrasting colours to the papers used to cover the top and bottom of the card.

Make a tiny hole in the centre of each flower. At this stage you can fold the punched flowers and daisies down the centre of each petal and then open up for a more raised 3D effect like the flowers shown in the picture, alternatively you can leave the flowers flat.

Layer the flowers and daisies together using different contrasting colours on each layer, experiment until you get the best effect flowers that you are happy with. Make 2 larger and 1 smaller flower. Once you are happy with a layered flower, push a round brad through the centre of the flower and bend back the prongs to secure the flower layers together.

Mount the flowers onto the card blank using sticky foam pads in a similar pattern to shown in the picture.

Finish your card off by sticking either individual peel off letters or a peel off wording sticker to spell out whatever occasion you want on the top left hand of the card at an angle. Choose whatever wording is suitable for your occasion.

Card idea by Jill