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Childrens Thank You Cards

This is an ideal project for you to help your children to make their own thank you cards. These are great for children to send out after their birthday to thank their relatives and friends for their presents. The image below is an example of a completed card.

Childrens Flower Thank You Card

What you will need to make the card pictured above:

  1. Light blue A6 card blank from the Tri-Colour A6 Card Pack (18) – Shades of Blue
  2. Flower ‘thank you’ picture download sheet (see below for download link)
  3. Colouring crayons or pens
  4. Stickles glitter glue – Waterfall (silvery light blue)
  5. Mini glitter foam flowers
  6. Double sided sticky tape and craft glue
  7. Craft knife, cutting mat & ruler (for adult use only)

First of all simply click on the this link ‘thank you’ flower picture sheet to download the sheet of flower pictures and then print it out.

You will need Adobe Reader to open the picture sheet, if you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it free from this link to the official Adobe website: Adobe Reader Free Download.

The sheet contains 4 identical flower thank you images the same as the picture shown below, so if you want to make 8 cards print out 2 sheets.

Thank you flower image

Once printed, let your child colour the pictures in using the crayons or pens. Next cut the four flower pictures out so each one is a rectangle measuring approximately 9cm wide x 12.5cm tall (the adult supervisor needs to do the cutting part).

Use double sided sticky tape on the back of all four edges of the flower pictures to stick the pictures to the front of the A6 card blanks.

Use craft glue to stick a mini glitter foam flower to each of the round circle shapes on each picture.

Finally use the Stickles waterfall silvery blue glitter glue to carefully draw a line around the edge of the flower picture rectangle on each card. Leave the cards laid flat for the glue and glitter glue to dry before use.

These do make fantastic thank you cards and as they are homemade they are just that little bit extra special.

You do not have to stick to the colours we have used here, you can use different colour A6 card blanks, different colour Stickles glitter glue and even different embellishments to stick on instead of the mini glitter foam flowers – the possibilities are endless!

Alternative embellishment ideas:

  1. Metallic confetti/sequins
  2. Iridescent Pink Material butterflies
  3. Iridescent Blue Material butterflies
  4. Tiny decorative flowers
  5. Mini glitter foam hearts
  6. Mini glitter foam stars

Card Idea by Janine

Caterpillar Childrens Project

This is a great fun craft project for you to do with the children. It makes a great keepsake or why not write on the back and give it away as a fun card. If made as shown in the picture, it should fit into a DL size envelope.

Completed Bright Caterpillar

What you will need:

  1. Card of various bright or co-ordinating colours
  2. Woodware Super Craft Punch – Circle
  3. Mixed shape and colour sequins
  4. Mini Glitter Foam Flowers
  5. Black felt tip or marker pen
  6. Scissors
  7. Craft glue

How to make:

Cut out 6 different coloured circles from the card using the super circle craft punch. Use craft glue to stick the six circles together overlapping as shown here:

Bright Caterpillar Stage 1

Use scissors to cut out by hand some feelers (see picture below for idea of shape) – approximate height cm.

Caterpillar Feelers

Use craft glue to stick the feelers to the back of the first circle. This is now the head of the caterpillar.

Caterpillar Stage 2

Using the black felt tip/marker pen draw a smile on the caterpillar face. Next either draw on eyes or stick on two round sequins for eyes as we have done. Finally decorate the body of the caterpillar with mini glitter foam flowers and brightly coloured sequins.

Completed Bright Caterpillar

We have shown above step by step instructions on how to make a brightly coloured caterpillar, below is another finished example in a pretty mix of pink, lilac & purple colours. We have used silver, purple and pink various shaped sequins and cut out a variety of shapes/strips from the spare card in co-ordinating colours to decorate this version of the caterpillar.

Completed Pink / Purple Caterpillar

Project idea by Janine