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Engagement Celebration Card

A special occasion really deserves a special card. The pictorial peel off stickers used on this card have been enhanced by being applied to luxury card and then cut out in a decoupage fashion. This design could also be used as a party invitation by changing the wording peel off stickers used.

Engagement Celebration Card

What you will need to make this card:

  1. A6 Cream Card Blank
  2. Silver pearlised card
  3. Rioja red pearlised card
  4. Glitter Card – Cream/Gold
  5. Handmade Mulberry Paper – Dark Red
  6. Party Celebration Peel Off Sheet – Gold
  7. Engagement/Christening Peel Off Sheet – Gold
  8. Gold Mini Round Brads
  9. Memories Metallic Marker – Glitzy Gold
  10. Craft glue and sticky foam pads
  11. Decoupage Scissors
  12. Craft knife, ruler & cutting mat

Directions to make:

Measure and cut out a 7.5cm x 10.5cm rectangle from the cream / gold glitter card and a 6cm x 9cm rectangle from the dark red handmade mulberry paper.

Place the red rectangle in the centre of the glitter rectangle and using your craft knife carefully make a small hole through both layers in each of the four corners. Push a mini gold round brad through each hole and fold the prongs over at the back to secure the red mulberry paper rectangle to the centre of the glitter card rectangle. Use sticky foam pads to mount this to the centre of the card blank.

Remove the champagne bottle, glasses & present picture from the gold party celebration peel off sheet and stick it to the pearlised silver card. Next remove three small streamer and two small heart pictures from the same peel off sheet and stick them all to the pearlised rioja red card. Using the decoupage scissors, carefully cut round the outside edge of all the peel off pictures.

Use craft glue to stick the champagne bottle, glasses & present cut out and the three streamer cut outs to the red mulberry paper rectangle overlapping the edges in places as shown in the picture.

Again using craft glue stick a heart cut out in the top right hand and bottom left hand corners of the card blank.

Remove the words ‘On Your Engagement’ from the gold engagement/christening peel off sheet and stick the ‘On’ and ‘Your’ to the top left of the card blank and the ‘Engagement’ to the bottom right of the card blank.

Finish the card off by using the gold metallic pen to colour in sections on the main peel off image i.e. the bow on the present, the label strips and cork on the bottle and the champagne in the glasses.

A useful tip for this project: Allow each peel off sticker to relax for a short while before sticking to the card as this will allow the stickers to regain shape if any of them have stretched at all when they were peeled away from the peel off sheet.

Card Idea by Janine