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Caring For Craft Punches

How to use your craft punches:

Most craft punches are suitable for use on paper or light card.

Regular sized punches (orange / peach colour) are suitable for use on paper or very light card.

Mini sized & border punches are suitable for use on paper only.

If you are unsure what thickness of paper or card that a particular punch can cope with, it is always best to check with the manufacturer or shop you are buying the punch from before you buy or before you use your punch. Using the incorrect thickness of paper or card can result in your punch jamming and not working correctly.

Tips for caring for your craft punch:

1. Allow your new craft punch to acclimatise to the temperature in your home for a while before using it. It may have gone through temperature changes during its journey to you.
2. Use your new craft punch a few times on some thin scrap paper to loosen it up before using it on a proper project. New craft punches will always be stiffer and harder to use to start with and will loosen up with use.
3. Should your punch become blunt, you can sharpen it by punching through kitchen foil a few times.
4. If a punch is sticking you can use a silicon polish on it, it must be silicon not wax.
5. Punches are not suitable for use on coated papers/card such as glitter card as the punch can jam.